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The 2018 Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo Committee:

The Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo seems to happen so effortlessly but it takes all year long to plan and many, many volunteers and supporters to make it happen.

The Committee members spend countless hours, on their own time, working out all the details for each year’s rodeo.

Would you like to join with us in support of our rodeo? We can sure use your help, either with a corporate sponsorship or with donations of your time or money. To join with us, please contact us or talk with any Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo Committee member for more information.

There have been many dedicated committee members, both past and present.  Below is a list of our current WBHR Committee:

  • Mike Adams *(Secretary)
  • Bob Anderes *
  • Jeff Anderes (Treasurer)
  • Larry Brake
  • Jeff Collie
  • Jason Demars
  • Eric Dockins *
  • Will Gable
  • Brent Gering
  • Les Gray
  • Sidney Hammond *
  • Scott Hildebrand
  • Cecil Hoffman *
  • Kregg Kohman (Vice Chairman)
  • Jim Krueger *
  • Jerry Marsteller * (Chairman)
  • Ray Marston
  • Kerry McDonnell
  • Bryce Norman
  • Terry Payne
  • Caleb Pickering
  • Ron Phillips
  • Grant Pratt
  • Bob Sims
  • Larry Stillwagon
  • Roger Watt *
  • Chaplain Stan Norman

* Honored for 20 Years of Service

The Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo Thanks Its Committee Members!

2015 WBHR Committee
2015 WBHR Committee